Amidst a protracted conflict that has left nearly half of Yemen’s health facilities partially operational or completely out of service, renewable energy, particularly solar power, is bringing hope and saving lives. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the support of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, is implementing solar power projects in several hospitals across Yemen to ensure uninterrupted healthcare services.

These initiatives form part of the Renewable Energy Improve Access to Health Services and Livelihood Opportunities (HEAL) Project. The project targets Al-Jumhori Hospital in Hajjah, 26th September Hospital in Sana’a, Al-Shaheed Muhnaf Hospital in Abyan, and Al-Waht Hospital in Lahj.

“The solar energy system is a vital lifeline for our hospital,” said Ali Hizam Haroun, an electrical technician at Al-Jumhori Hospital in Hajjah. “It not only ensures consistent electricity supply but also reduces financial expenses incurred for purchasing diesel for electric generators.”

The implementation of the solar power system includes the installation of approximately 240 solar panels with a power capacity of 460 watts, along with batteries and other essential components. This initiative has not only improved the healthcare services but also created job opportunities, equipping dozens of workers with new skills for similar roles.

At 26th September Hospital in Sana’a, the solar power system has significantly improved the operational capacity. “In the absence of electricity, patients’ health could deteriorate, leading to complications. Therefore, solar energy systems not only contribute to reducing fuel consumption costs but also alleviate patients’ suffering,” stated Sadiq Al-Jaadbi, a laboratory technician at 26th September Hospital.

Iman Abdel Latif Al-Huraish, a nurse at the same hospital, also highlighted the project’s critical role in providing a stable electricity supply across all hospital departments, significantly improving the overall experience for patients.

The introduction of solar power to these hospitals is a testament to the resilience and innovative spirit of Yemen’s healthcare system. Despite the challenges, these renewable energy projects are lighting the way towards a more sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities in Yemen, proving that even in the most challenging circumstances, solar power can be a beacon of hope.

Image source: Relief Web International