Orbital Composites and Virtus Solis Technologies Partner Up to Launch the World’s First Commercial Space-Based Solar Power Station

In recent years, the need for renewable energy has become increasingly evident, and as a result, scientists and innovators have come up with some truly remarkable solutions. Among these is Space-based Solar Power (SBSP), a method of capturing solar energy using photovoltaic arrays in space and transmitting it wirelessly to Earth for use 24/7. Virtus Solis Technologies, an early-stage deep tech startup, has been at the forefront of developing commercial SBSP solutions. Now, they have teamed up with Orbital Composites, a manufacturing company specializing in robotic factories for Earth and space, to make SBSP a reality.Space-based solar power is a promising research area that has been studied for decades. Virtus Solis Technologies has been actively working on developing this technology and has made significant advancements in its development. They have designed core SBSP technologies like antenna arrays, power electronics, and modular mega-structures. Moreover, they have incorporated microwave WPT technology, which enables them to efficiently transfer solar energy from space to the ground. With this innovative approach, Virtus Solis has made it possible to overcome challenges like Earth’s shadow and weather, which has limited previous attempts at commercialising SBSP.

Orbital Composites will bring its expertise in robotic manufacturing to the table, creating low-cost and scalable manufacturing processes, and providing manufacturing-as-a-service to Virtus. This partnership aims to make it possible to construct a megawatt (MW)-scale commercial space-based solar power station. Orbital’s contribution will be an invaluable addition to this project, reducing the time and cost of manufacturing.

Virtus Solis’ SBSP architecture is hyper-modular, leveraging commercial space launches, Moore’s Law, and modern automated manufacturing. This novel approach offers energy costs that are low enough to globally displace fossil fuels as the primary energy source. By reducing the need for non-renewable energy sources, the project could be a game-changer for the world’s energy production.

What makes this partnership even more promising is the fact that this project will not only benefit Earth but also contribute to space-based energy production. The manufacturing processes that Orbital Composites will develop for Virtus Solis Technologies will improve the production of satellites and other space structures, making space travel more accessible and less expensive.

The partnership between Orbital Composites and Virtus Solis Technologies is a significant milestone for the development of Space-based Solar Power. The combination of Orbital Composites’ automated manufacturing techniques and Virtus Solis’s SBSP technology will make it possible to have a commercial space-based solar power station that provides clean and renewable energy globally. This project is also beneficial for the development of space travel and will contribute to reducing the cost of producing satellites and other structures necessary for space exploration. Overall, this partnership promises a brighter future for global energy production and beyond.