Get ready to drive like Bradley Cooper, Luciano Pavarotti, and Sylvester Stallone without burning fossil fuels. Maserati has announced that it will create car platforms that will accommodate both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicle (EV) versions of all new models.


This strategy sets the luxury Italian automaker apart from its competitors, which are creating dedicated EV platforms and phasing out ICE platforms (a much cheaper approach). Maserati CEO Bill Peffer explains that the company’s strategy is possible because of financial support from Stellantis, Maserati’s parent company. Since electrification has gone “beyond the tipping point” and is “not a fad,” Peffer is confident that Maserati’s two-pronged approach will be successful. 


Maserati’s first EV, the GranTurismo Folgore, will arrive in September. It’ll offer impressive performance with three 300 kW motors producing 750 hp and 995 lb-ft of torque. Maserati is committed to offering an electric version of all models starting with the MC20. 


Unlike other luxury automakers, Maserati is not planning to develop plug-in hybrid models. Instead, it’s focused on creating interchangeable platforms for both electric and ICE models. However, Peffer hinted that Maserati will introduce a dedicated electric vehicle platform in the near future, potentially for the Quattroporte.


Peffer emphasized that Maserati’s transformation will be led by product development, not cost-cutting measures. The company will continue to leverage its Italian design, craftsmanship, and performance pedigree to attract EV customers. Earlier this year, Maserati announced that it was entering EV motorsports by joining the Formula E World Championship. It’ll use the data gathered from Formula E contests to integrate racing technology into its new electric vehicles. 


Maserati is planning to sell EVs exclusively beginning in 2030, and other automakers are making similar commitments. As a result, it’s unlikely that Maserati will make interchangeable ICE-EV car platforms for more than a few years. Nevertheless, the choices that the interchangeable platforms will provide to consumers could give Maserati a big edge over its competitors.