A renowned Tesla software hacker known as @greentheonly has uncovered a hidden feature dubbed “Elon Mode,” which enables hands-free driving in Tesla vehicles. This discovery suggests that Tesla CEO Elon Musk may possess his own supersecret driver mode.

@greentheonly, who has delved into Tesla’s vehicle code for years, revealed the existence of Elon Mode, describing it as a real and functioning feature. The hacker, who has previously unearthed various hidden functionalities within Tesla’s software, has not disclosed how the mode appears on the vehicle’s screen.

After activating Elon Mode, @greentheonly conducted tests to ascertain its functionality and shared preliminary footage of the endeavor. The hacker’s findings indicate that, while utilizing Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) software, the vehicle did not necessitate any attention or input from the driver. FSD is Tesla’s advanced vision-based driver-assist system currently in beta and accessible to customers who paid a premium of up to $15,000 for the option. However, leaked internal reports from last month revealed thousands of customer complaints concerning sudden braking and abrupt acceleration while using FSD.

Tesla’s Autopilot system, the company’s first-generation driver-assist technology designed for highway driving, mandates drivers to occasionally touch the steering wheel to confirm their attentiveness. Numerous Tesla owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the frequency of these checks, often referring to them as excessive “nagging.” Users of FSD also encounter similar requirements, and the system occasionally demands a significant amount of force, which could inadvertently deactivate the autonomous features.

Furthermore, Tesla vehicles equipped with a center interior camera, positioned above the rearview mirror, use driver monitoring to ensure the driver’s focus remains on the road. However, this monitoring system has been known to be sensitive and occasionally triggers false alerts. Some users have reported instances where even wearing a baseball cap led to constant reminders from the system to “pay attention to the road.” In certain cases, the system temporarily disabled itself and warned that FSD privileges would be revoked if this behavior continued.


The discovery of “Elon Mode” by @greentheonly has raised questions about the possible existence of additional hidden features within Tesla’s software. As Tesla continuously refines its autonomous driving technologies, striking a balance between user experience and safety remains a crucial challenge. The revelation of this secret mode may prompt Tesla to reevaluate its existing driver-assist systems and their intrusive nature, leading to potential adjustments in future software updates.

Image Credit: https://www.theverge.com/