Deloitte, a global leader in business consulting, has announced the launch of their climate action revolutionary Geospatial and AI Platform for Scenario Planning and Monitoring. The platform, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, aims to enable businesses and organizations to make informed decisions that drive sustainability and climate action.

The Geospatial and AI Platform for Scenario Planning and Monitoring is designed to revolutionize the way businesses approach sustainability. Powered by Google Earth integrations, Google Earth Engine, and generative AI technology from Vertex AI, the platform provides actionable insights for disaster response planning, infrastructure development, and urban planning. Moreover, the platform offers valuable insights on land use to help businesses optimize sustainable outcomes and supports financial modeling applicable to geospatial data for sustainable investments.

Justin Keeble, Managing Director for Global Sustainability at Google Cloud, expressed enthusiasm about the alliance between Deloitte and Google Cloud, stating, “Geospatial data and Generative AI can significantly improve how organizations make decisions to accelerate their transition to more sustainable business practices. We are pleased to deepen our alliance with Deloitte to provide clients with the technology, experience, and innovation needed to accelerate climate action.”

The launch of this platform underscores Deloitte’s commitment to sustainability through technological advancements. As part of its sustainability solutions, Deloitte FutureScape on Google Cloud offers advanced analytics tools for infrastructure planning, assessing public and private sector policy and program actions on communities and neighborhoods. Furthermore, Deloitte is leveraging Google Earth to create AI-enabled digital twins of urban communities, generating scenarios using a blend of metrics about sustainability, carbon efficiency, and community quality of life. These innovative technologies aim to drive scenario planning with up-to-date real estate data, informing urban planning and enhancing cities’ resilience to climate change.

Source: Environment Energy Leader