The Ford F-150 Lightning, the all-electric version of America’s best-selling truck, is making a groundbreaking journey across the Atlantic. After its successful launch and subsequent sell-out in the US for 2022, the iconic vehicle is now heading to Europe. Ford has specifically selected Norway as the first European nation to receive the electric truck.

This is the first time the Lightning model will be available for sale outside of North America. The F-150 Lightning offers four trim levels – PRO, XLT, LARIAT® & Platinum, with options for standard or extended-range batteries, catering to a broad spectrum of customers and their unique needs.

Norway, known for being the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) nation, with nearly 80% of new vehicles being electric, is a strategic choice for Ford’s expansion of the F-150. The country’s commitment to clean energy and sustainable mobility aligns seamlessly with the eco-friendly nature of the electric truck.

The F-150 electric truck is not just another EV. It is a symbol of Ford’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The truck is the fastest-accelerating F-150 yet and boasts features such as exterior lamps that can light up the area around itself.

The limited Lightning Lariat edition introduced in Norway offers a 240 miles range, over 1,000 Nm torque, and robust towing capabilities. Following its success in the US as the best-selling electric pickup, Ford launched the 2024 model starting at $54,995, featuring a new Flash trim with enhanced range and technology, priced at $73,495.

Ford Norway’s managing director, Gunnar Berg, reported unprecedented demand for the Lightning. The first unit was delivered to a Texan couple running a barbecue business in Norway, highlighting the vehicle’s appeal for both personal and business use.

Customers in Norway are expected to embrace the Ford F-150 Lightning with enthusiasm, given the country’s robust EV market and the truck’s innovative features. The F-150 electric truck can redefine the EV space in Europe, bringing a new dimension of power, performance, and efficiency.

Image Source: Twitter (@PerGunnarBerg3)