Tesla is taking a bold step toward the future of EV charging by planning to build the world’s largest Supercharger station.

Kern County, California, near the 5 freeway where it meets the 46 highway is the proposed location for the new station. With 164 stalls, it is set to become the largest Supercharger in the world.

The new Supercharger station will not only boast the highest number of charging stalls but will also feature innovative design elements aimed at enhancing sustainability and user experience.

The project also features 16 pull-through chargers that will allow for easy charging for Tesla owners who are pulling a trailer. This thoughtful design consideration demonstrates Tesla’s understanding of its diverse customer base and its commitment to making EV charging as convenient as possible.

16 pull-through tesla chargers in the largest supercharging station

Image Source: Twitter (@MarcoRPi1)

The project also includes solar canopies above every parking stall. This will provide shade for the vehicles while harnessing solar power to contribute to the charging process, further solidifying Tesla’s position as a leader in sustainable transportation.

This new world’s largest Supercharger station will surpass all others in terms of size and capacity. It is expected to have a significant impact on the EV charging landscape. With more than 160 charging points, the new station will be capable of servicing a large number of EVs at once, greatly reducing waiting times and making long-distance travel in an EV more practical and appealing.

The integration of solar power, the high number of charging stalls, and the thoughtful design elements all point towards a future where charging an EV is as convenient or even better than refueling a traditional gasoline car.

Image Source: Twitter (@Cuauhtemoc_08)