Volkswagen’s January deliveries saw a substantial rise, with the company reporting an increase of 13.3% year-on-year to a total of 698,200 units. This growth was significantly bolstered by the Chinese market, indicating a promising start to the year for the German automaker.

A 43.3% surge in sales drove the development in China, Volkswagen’s largest single market. The company was able to deliver a total of 290,900 vehicles. Deliveries of BEVs more than tripled to 17,700 units in the country.

The company saw a sales decline of 16.3% in the Asia Pacific region, though. On the other hand, sales in Central and Eastern Europe increased by 8.2%. The success in the Chinese market follows a low base from the previous January, impacted by stringent COVID-19 restrictions.

“The strong growth of the Chinese market in January 2024 compared to the previous year can be explained by a very low base in January 2023, which was still heavily influenced by COVID restrictions,” a company spokesperson told reporters on Friday.

However, despite the encouraging figures, challenges remain as some Volkswagen cars faced delays at U.S. ports due to issues with Chinese parts. The company will need to continue adapting its strategies and operations to mitigate such risks and maintain its growth trajectory.

This surge in deliveries is a positive indicator for Volkswagen, as it continues to navigate the global automotive market’s challenges. Despite the ongoing supply chain disruptions and semiconductor shortages impacting the industry, Volkswagen managed to secure an impressive uptick in its delivery figures.

As Volkswagen’s January deliveries continue to expand in China, the company is expected to capitalize on the country’s growing demand for EVs and premium vehicles. This trend, coupled with the company’s robust delivery figures, suggests a promising outlook for Volkswagen in the coming year.

Image Source: Car Expert