Concerns are escalating as Chinese auto imports flood the US market, prompting American manufacturers to call for government intervention. The influx of low-cost vehicles, primarily from Mexico, is causing domestic industry players to voice fears of unfair competition.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing group has urged the government to block these imports and parts from Mexico. They argue that the low-cost Chinese autos are undercutting the market and threatening the domestic industry’s sustainability.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers echoed these sentiments, urging the Biden administration to increase tariffs on Chinese-made vehicles. They are also investigating ways to prevent these imports from destabilizing the local market.

Furthermore, the Alliance for American Manufacturing has labeled the situation an “extinction-level event”. AAM warns that cars built by Chinese companies like BYD in Mexico could have a devastating effect on American manufacturers.

However, this issue goes beyond just the US auto industry. China’s growing automotive sector in Mexico is causing concern for the entire North American region. With 90% of cars produced in Mexico being imported into the US, this could potentially disrupt the balance of trade.

The call from US automakers for government action against Chinese auto imports highlights the pressing need for measures to protect domestic industries. As the situation unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the US government responds to these demands and the potential implications for the global auto industry.

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