The upgraded Tesla Model 3 is making waves in Australia. In February 2024, it became the third best-selling car, selling 3,593 units.

With Australian deliveries anticipated to commence in the latter half of 2024, the Tesla Model 3 Performance variant has been particularly spotlighted for its high output capabilities. Spotted undisguised, the vehicle promises to bring an elevated driving experience to electric car enthusiasts, contributing to the model’s strong performance in the local market.

The surge in demand for the upgraded Tesla Model 3 comes amidst a broader trend of increasing EV sales in Australia. February 2024 witnessed a record high in electric vehicle purchases, accounting for nearly 10 percent of all new car sales, a figure that shows a significant pivot towards cleaner modes of transport among Australian consumers.

The Tesla Model Y also did well, with 2,072 units sold according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. This success boosted Tesla’s share in Australia to 5.4%. Last year, it was only 4%.

Used Tesla

This shift is further evidenced by the rise in used Tesla Model 3 listings, which increased by 14.9% in 2024. Interestingly, the influx of pre-owned models on the market has led to more competitive pricing, making electric vehicles more accessible to a wider audience and challenging the affordability of new electric cars from other manufacturers like MG and BYD.

Upgraded Tesla Model 3

Image Source: Twitter (@pablo9948967714)

Other EVs

Electric vehicles had a strong month. Over 10,000 EVs were sold. They now have a 9.63% market share in Australia. Tony Weber, FCAI Chief Executive, praised the growth of EVs. He said Australians buy EVs that fit their lifestyle.

BYD is another company that did well. It sold 1,549 units of its cars. The MG4 also saw good sales, with 446 units sold. But, Ford and Hyundai struggled. The Ford Mustang Mach-E sold 66 units, and the Hyundai Ioniq 5 sold 84 units.

The Ford Ranger was the top seller with 5,353 units. The Toyota HiLux came second, selling 4,403 units. The Isuzu Ute D-Max was fourth, right after the Tesla Model 3, with 2,941 units sold.

Ford might improve its EV sales in Australia by introducing the F-150 Lightning. Australians like pickup trucks. So, this could help Ford’s EV market share.