Recent sightings in California have confirmed that Walmart has now taken the delivery of the Tesla Semi truck. This marks a significant step as Tesla moves forward with its electric truck program, which has experienced several delays since its announcement in 2017.

Tesla Semi Production Accelerates

After initial plans to start production in 2019, Tesla finally began limited manufacturing of the Tesla Semi in late 2022. For a while, Tesla limited its Semi trucks to internal use and deliveries to PepsiCo, its premier client.

However, the recent sighting of a Tesla Semi towing a Walmart trailer indicates an expansion of the testing phase. With a reservation of 130 units, Walmart is one of the forefront adopters of Tesla’s innovative electric trucks. Another sighting involved a Tesla Semi with a Costco trailer attached, suggesting that the testing phase now includes more major retailers.

Dan Priestley, Tesla’s Senior Manager of Semi-Truck Engineering, recently disclosed increasing interest from new clients, including Martin Brower, which has started trialing the vehicle. Walmart’s trial with the Tesla Semi forms part of its larger goal to attain zero emissions by 2040.

A Walmart spokesperson shared insights into a four-week pilot of the Tesla Semi, aiming to evaluate its performance in real-world conditions as part of their commitment to investigating diverse technologies and fuel options.

Tesla’s Expansion and Battery Innovation

During Tesla’s first quarter earnings call, timelines for the Semi’s rollout were discussed, with anticipations for increased deliveries by late 2025 and the initiation of deliveries to external customers in 2026. The Tesla Semi, boasting a 500-mile range on a full charge even under maximum load, represents a breakthrough in long-haul electric transport.

Additionally, Tesla is expanding its Gigafactory in Nevada to elevate Semi production levels and to advance the manufacture of the 4680 battery cell, essential for the truck’s extended range.

The involvement of retail powerhouses like Walmart and Costco in testing the Tesla Semi truck not only trials the practicality of these electric vehicles but also highlights a significant trend towards adopting sustainable transportation solutions within the retail sector.