Volkswagen has announced the production start date for the Volkswagen ID.1 EV, setting the stage for its launch in 2027 with a starting price of around $20,000. Thomas Shafer, VW’s brand leader, announced the vehicle’s name and production schedule at the annual press conference, highlighting both progress and challenges, particularly regarding where the vehicle will be produced.

Progressing Towards Affordable EVs

The development of the ID.1 has reached an advanced stage, with Shafer providing insights into its design and the economic challenges of launching an affordable EV. The high cost of batteries requires mass production to keep the price low. Volkswagen is exploring four different strategies for producing the ID.1 and is close to deciding on a manufacturing location. Additionally, discussions are ongoing with Renault about developing a small, mass-market electric car.

Expanding the EV Portfolio

As part of its electric vehicle strategy, Volkswagen aims to launch 11 new models by 2027, including the ID.1. This follows the unveiling of the ID.2 concept last March, designed to offer the spaciousness of a Golf and the affordability of a Polo. With a 279-mile range and a price tag below $27,000 (25,000 euros), the ID.2 is set for a 2026 release.

North American EV Strategy

In North America, Volkswagen plans to expand its EV lineup, introducing a new electric SUV under the revived Scout brand in 2026. The company expects significant growth in the region with the launch of the ID.7 and ID.Buzz this year, alongside an updated ID.4 featuring an extended range.

Commitment to Sustainable Transportation

Volkswagen’s announcement of the ID.1 marks a major step towards affordable electric mobility. By advancing the production of the ID.1 and expanding its EV lineup, Volkswagen is establishing itself as a leading force in the transition to sustainable transportation.

Get Ready for the Volkswagen ID.1 EV

By launching the Volkswagen ID.1 EV with such a competitive price point, Volkswagen is setting a new benchmark in the EV industry. This move could potentially accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, making them a viable option for a larger segment of the population and contributing significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions worldwide.

Image Source: Reddit (@electriccarfinder)