Wyoming has become the first state in the US to move to ban sales of new electric vehicles by 2035. The Governor of Wyoming, Mark Gordon, recently signed a bill that effectively bans electric vehicle sales and negates any other efforts aimed at promoting cleaner cars in the state. The move is seen as a major setback for climate activists, who argue that electric vehicles are an essential part of the fight against global warming. It also runs counter to the Biden administration’s efforts to move towards greener transportation alternatives. In this article, we will explore why Wyoming moved forward with its ban on new electric vehicles and how it impacts climate change initiatives.

Wyoming is the latest state to ban sales of new electric vehicles

The state of Wyoming has become the latest to ban sales of new electric vehicles, a move that is sure to please the fossil fuel industry and other supporters of the status quo. The decision was made by the Wyoming State Legislature’s Joint Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee, which voted unanimously in favor of the ban.

The rationale for the decision is that electric vehicles are a threat to Wyoming’s economy, which is heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Proponents of the ban say that electric vehicles would lead to job losses in the state’s coal, oil, and natural gas industries. They also argue that electric vehicles would increase electricity demand and lead to higher utility bills for residents.

Opponents of the ban say that it is short-sighted and will only serve to harm Wyoming’s economy in the long term. They point out that electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and that bans like this will only make it more difficult for Wyomingites to purchase them. They also argue that electric vehicles have far lower emissions than traditional gasoline-powered cars, so they are actually good for the environment.

It remains to be seen how effective this ban will be in preventing residents from purchasing electric vehicles. However, it is clear that Wyoming’s legislature is firmly committed to protecting the state’s fossil fuel industry at all costs.

What does this mean for the future of electric vehicles?

In Wyoming, a bill has been proposed that would ban the sales of new electric vehicles. This is in response to concerns about the environmental impact of these vehicles, as well as the potential for them to increase demand for fossil fuels. The bill has been met with criticism from those who believe that electric vehicles are a crucial part of the effort to reduce emissions and combat climate change. However, it is still unclear what the future of electric vehicles will be in Wyoming.

Are there any exceptions to the ban?

Yes, there are a few exceptions to the proposed ban on new electric vehicle sales in Wyoming. Exceptions include electric vehicles that are:

-Registered as a low-emission vehicle with the state
-Used for agricultural purposes
– part of a carpool or vanpool
-A taxi, limousine, or other For-Hire Vehicle (FHV)
– Used by law enforcement or emergency responders
– A hybrid electric vehicle with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of less than $45,000