Genesis, the luxury car division of Hyundai, has introduced a revolutionary biometric technology for its GV60 electric car. The company announced on Tuesday that a facial recognition system that allows drivers to start their vehicles with their faces alone will be available for all new GV60 vehicles.

The Face Connect system that underpins the technology relies on a near-infrared camera and an advanced deep learning processing controller. This allows users to start their GV60s without using a key fob or even a smartphone. The GV60 also uses fingerprint authentication to give drivers an extra layer of security.

The Face Connect system enables automatic loading of the driver’s profile for a personalized driving experience. The driver profile specifies preferences for seating, heads-up display, and steering wheel usage. In addition to the primary driver, up to three other users can set up profiles on the vehicle. Other benefits of the GV60 include an ergonomically designed driver’s seat, ambient lighting, and an air purification system.

Many consumers are concerned that the facial recognition technology could increase the risk of identity theft. However, in the case of the GV60, all biometric data is stored locally within the vehicle. No data is stored on the cloud, and even Genesis has no way of accessing customers’ biometric data from their systems. As a result, the GV60 is safer than a conventional automobile that is opened by car keys.

The facial recognition technology and other features make the GV60 an appealing choice for drivers today. As the first car in the world to use facial recognition technology, the GV60 proves that electric cars are beating their gas-powered competitors not only in emissions reduction but also in customer experience. Stay tuned to see if other electric car makers begin to use similar technology in their vehicles.