Swiss electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Micro Mobility Systems, has achieved a significant milestone in the rapidly growing green transportation sector. This week, the company announced the successful production of its 1000th Microlino, a revolutionary e-vehicle designed to make urban commuting more eco-friendly, efficient and convenient.

Microlino: The Urban EV Revolution

The Microlino is a compact EV designed specifically for urban environments, where traffic congestion and limited parking availability are common issues. Weighing just under 513 kg, with a size of only 2.43 meters (8 feet) in length, Microlinos can fit into parking spaces that would typically accommodate four regular vehicles. The easy-to-drive design, combined with a top speed of 56 mph, makes it an ideal choice for commuters looking to minimize their carbon footprint and travel more sustainably.

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Green and Sustainable Commuting

The Microlino is powered by an 8kWh lithium-ion battery, which can be fully charged in approximately four hours using a regular household power socket. On a single charge, the compact EV boasts a range of 77 miles (125 km), perfect for daily commuting in urban areas. When equipped with an optional 14.4kWh battery, the vehicle’s range can be increased to over 120 miles (200 km). Its unassuming exterior belies its commendable power, making it a sustainable choice for those looking to optimize their urban commute.

Positive Reception and Expansion Plans for Microlino

Since its conceptualization in 2015, the Microlino has been positively received by both consumers and industry critics alike. Its uniquely compact design, coupled with improved sustainability features, has garnered the attention of environmentally-conscious motorists seeking a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. Micro Mobility Systems aims to capitalize on this success by expanding production and delivering the Microlino to markets across Europe, and eventually, the world.

A New Era of Mobility

As the company celebrates the 1000th Microlino rolling off the production line, one cannot help but recognize the significant strides made in green transportation. More people are turning away from gasoline-powered vehicles as a result of increasing awareness about the environment and the importance of reducing CO2 emissions. The Microlino is a perfect embodiment of how far transportation has come, offering various convenient and eco-friendly solutions for urban commuters.

A Milestone in Micro Mobility’s Journey

The production of the 1000th Microlino marks a milestone for Micro Mobility Systems as they continue to innovate and advance the sustainable transportation industry. With an unwavering commitment to creating cleaner and greener solutions for urban living, Microlino’s success underscores the company’s vision and influence on the future of eco-friendly mobility.