A lucky California resident recently purchased a Tesla Model 3 for an impressive $13,620, excluding taxes and fees. This remarkable deal was made possible through a combination of state and local rebates, the federal tax credit, and a generous $4120 discount from inventory.

Here is how @Zoron9102 did it…

“Let’s start with the price I got the vehicle for. I bought the base model 3 with white interior from inventory with a $4120 discount, for a sticker price of $37,120 – $500 referral = final sticker price of 36,620 before taxes & delivery fee. Next, I’ll go through the incentives.”

‘Due to a unique financial situation from last year. I qualify for the increased rebates for each program for low income individuals. Plus $7500 for the Federal tax credit, which I should have the tax liability to receive the full amount this year. Rebates listed below:”

“Rebate & tax credit: $7500 from (CVRP) Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. $4000 from the Electrify Your Ride program from Central Coast Community Energy (3CE). $4000 from the Monterey Bay Air Resources District – Electric Vehicle Incentive Program. $7500 from the Federal Tax Credit.”

“All together for a combined total of $23,000 of incentives. On top of that If you wanted to include the inventory discount of $4120 and the $500 referral, then the new total is $27,620 worth of credits, rebates, and discounts.”

“So let’s do the numbers before taxes and fees. Purchase price $37,120 – $500 referral = $36,620 – $23,000 = $13,620!! Now in reality, there are taxes and delivery fees you have to pay for, and in my area the tax rate is 9.25%. So adding taxes and fees, here is the total price..”

“Price $36,620 + $1,390.00 delivery fee + $3,515.93 tax at 9.25% = $41,525.93 after taxes and delivery fee. $41,525.93 – $23,000 incentives = a grand total of $18,525.93 after taxes and fees!”

“Useful Resources:
The best website I found to help find and sort through incentives in your area in CA is: accesscleanca.org
They have the most user-friendly platform that tries to find all possible incentives you may be eligible for.
The next best resource i found in California is: cleanvehiclerebate.org/en/savings-cal
This calculator takes your income into account and will adjust the numbers based on your income. But it did not find as many incentives near me as the first website I listed above.
Neither of these calculators take into account the federal tax credit; they just display the incentives you could be eligible for in your region, so whatever number you see, does not include the federal tax credit. So just keep that in mind.”