Tesla’s Semi EV truck remains a mystery. Not much information has been disclosed about its operation, even eight months since its official customer delivery event.

However, at long last, more details are finally leaking out. Pepsico, the first customer of the Tesla Semi, has recently revealed some rare insights into its usage of these electric class 8 trucks. The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has created a 12-minute video that provides details about how Pepsico uses Tesla Semis.

The ultra-advanced Tesla Semi trucks offer longer ranges, greater efficiency, and faster charging speeds than most other EVs. Here are some key points shared by the Pepsico team:

• Pepsico currently operates a fleet of 21 Tesla Semis.

• Three of these Semis are designated for long-haul routes, spanning from 400 to 720 kilometers.

• On certain routes, regeneration technology enables zero battery consumption.

• The Semis have demonstrated an efficiency of under 1.7 kWh per mile, or 1.1 kWh per kilometer.

• With this efficiency, California truck drivers can save 23% on fuel costs compared to diesel trucks.

• The majority of the Semi fleet is used for deliveries within a 100-mile range.

• Pepsico’s Sacramento facility is equipped with four 750 kW DC chargers.

• Each Semi can be charged from 10% to 90% within 20–30 minutes.

• The Tesla Semi chargers have their own dedicated grid connection of 3 MW, separate from the facility’s supply.

The video produced by NACFE serves as an excellent platform to showcase the technological advancements in cleaner heavy-duty vehicles at Pepsico. NACFE focuses on research and development activities related to efficient freight technologies within the US freight industry. The video primarily emphasizes power distribution and grid management for truck charging.

According to Pepsico executive Charles Burton, the company’s shift to electric trucks has the potential to revolutionize the entire trucking industry. Currently, electric trucks account for only 0.2% of US vehicle sales.

Drivers have also expressed their satisfaction. They highlight the Pepsico Tesla Semi’s improved visibility and enhanced comfort. According to truck driver Casey Thijon:

I’m not a tech person; I was afraid of the iPhone when it came out. If you can use a smart phone, you can drive this. The turning circle is awesome; it’s better than my car. They’re quieter; they’re smoother; they look nicer.

In April, a Reddit user offered a rare glimpse inside the Tesla Semi when a truck parked on their street. The Semi featured a spacious cabin designed with the driver in mind.

The recent NACFE video has now provided even more valuable insights. It effectively demonstrates how these trucks are being used in real-world scenarios, contributing to environmental sustainability and advancing the future of heavy transportation.

Image Source: Zovac, https://shorturl.at/bEV19