Tesla seems to be conducting crash tests on some of its Cybertruck units. Recent sightings of the all-electric pickup truck in Lonoke, Arkansas, hint at this development.

Speculations are growing about the Cybertruck nearing its first customer deliveries as sightings of camouflaged units,  distinctive wheel configurations, and seemingly tested pickup trucks have increased across the United States.

One specific sighting, reported recently by EV advocate Branden Flasch on X (formerly Twitter), showcased two Cybertrucks in Lonoke, Arkansas. Both vehicles appeared to be fresh from the production line, with one of them covered in the front.

Observers noticed intriguing writing on the glass of the covered truck that read “completed crash ready.” This could suggest that the truck was ready for or has already undergone crash testing. However, based on the shared photos, the vehicle seems to be intact.

According to Teslarati, Lonoke, Arkansas, is approximately eight hours away from Giga Texas and 13 hours away from an IIHS facility in Ruckersville, Virginia. Considering that the truck driver reportedly spent the night in Lonoke, it appears that the vehicles were indeed on a long trip.

Notably, Tesla had previously teased the Cybertruck’s crash tests in an April Fool’s post. However, no videos of the vehicle crashing into anything were shared. In the April Fool’s post, the Cybertruck accelerated toward a wall but stopped a few inches before impact.

In light of this information, we can safely conclude that the Tesla Cybertruck is about to undergo crash tests. It will be fascinating to see how the Cybertruck performs, given its steel construction and unique design.

Image Source: Chris Flores, https://shorturl.at/bEV19