The Cybertruck is finally on its way to customers’ driveways. The vehicle is one of the most anticipated trucks in history. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has claimed that demand for the Cybertruck is “so far off the hook, you can’t see the hook.”

However, the extended wait has allowed some diehard fans enough time to scrutinize the design of this futuristic-looking truck. As the launch of the Cybertruck draws nearer, images of the vehicle have circulated on Tesla enthusiast blogs and forums.

In May, a peek inside the interior left some individuals feeling that the cockpit was more minimalist than anticipated. One commentator expressed their dislike of the massive flat dashboard in leaked photos, stating:

Ok the enormous flat dash looks straight ridiculous. I can deal with the pillar blind spots, but some people are going to hate that.

A more recent leaked video of the “frunk” – the term given to the additional storage area in the front of electric vehicles where a conventional car would have an engine – has left some devoted fans feeling underwhelmed by the seemingly small compartment.

Earlier this month, the frunk video gained attention on X (previously known as Twitter). While some users believe that the overall design of the Cybertruck compensates for the limited frunk space, others express their disappointment, particularly when comparing it to the enormous frunk of Ford’s F-150 Lightning.

The Cybertruck is the first Tesla model to face such comparisons.

Though its distinctive design and the “Tesla factor” are likely to attract first-time truck buyers, the Cybertruck is already feeling the effects of competing with trucks that hit the market earlier.

For the first time, Tesla is entering a crowded segment long after his competitors. Rivian, another start-up, was the first to bring its R1T to the market in the fall of 2021. The company is still working to fulfill all of its orders. The Hummer EV, initially teased during the 2020 Super Bowl, began production earlier this year.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning has been in production for over a year, experiencing consistent growth and demand. (Ford recently reopened orders for more affordable trim levels of the Lightning.)

Ford CEO Jim Farley seems to be capitalizing on these comparisons, showcasing the F-150 Lightning’s frunk on X Thursday.

Many analysts still feel that the Tesla Cybertruck has the potential to disrupt the truck market. The Cybertruck has been likened to a 2020s version of the Hummer, attracting both EV enthusiasts and luxury-oriented buyers with its unconventional design. 

However, with expectations for the Cybertruck being so massive, it’s fair to ask whether the Cybertruck could become a victim of its own success.