In a bold move that underscores the shifting landscape of the automotive industry, Lamborghini, the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer, is set to reveal its latest creation: a 100 percent electric concept car. This groundbreaking unveiling is scheduled to take place during the prestigious Monterey Car Week, an event that attracts automobile enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. The event promises to be a pivotal moment for Lamborghini as it steps firmly into the world of electric mobility.

The announcement comes on the heels of Lamborghini’s earlier foray into electrification with the hybrid Revuelto, which hinted at the company’s willingness to embrace new technologies and pave the way for a more sustainable future. Now, with the impending reveal of their all-electric concept car, Lamborghini is showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

Lamborghini’s CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, has expressed his excitement about the upcoming concept car, which he refers to as “the first prototype of our fourth series production car.” This suggests that the electric concept car is not just a fleeting experiment but a tangible step toward a future series of production electric vehicles. The timing of this announcement is particularly notable, coming mere weeks after the confirmation of a new electric 2+2 grand tourer, projected to hit the market in 2028.

While exact details about the electric concept car remain shrouded in secrecy, automotive enthusiasts and experts alike are eagerly speculating on its potential features. Given the recent mention of a 2+2 grand tourer, it’s possible that this concept car could take the form of a four-seat GT. This speculation is further fueled by Lamborghini’s history of four-seat concept cars, such as the Estoque and the Asterion. The Terzo Millenio, Lamborghini’s previous electric concept, is another point of reference, showcasing the brand’s dedication to innovation.

One aspect that adds intrigue to the electric Lamborghini concept is its platform. Unlike other Lamborghini models, which typically ride on bespoke platforms, this new electric vehicle is expected to share components with the larger Volkswagen Group. This strategic move has the potential to create synergies across different brands within the group, fostering collaboration and optimizing resources for maximum efficiency.

Lamborghini’s embrace of electric mobility is also reflected in its broader strategy. While the brand’s current models like the Urus are not immediately transitioning to full electrification, they are poised to incorporate hybrid technology in the near future. Both the Urus and the upcoming replacement for the Huracan are expected to feature plug-in hybrid powertrains by 2024, marking a transitional phase toward full electrification. The next-generation Urus, scheduled for 2029, is potentially looking at a fully electric incarnation, demonstrating Lamborghini’s dedication to evolving with the times.


Monterey Car Week, scheduled to begin on August 16th, promises to be a showcase of cutting-edge automotive innovation, and Lamborghini’s electric concept car is positioned to be a highlight of the event. As the doors to this exhilarating week open to visitors on August 18th, all eyes will be on Lamborghini as they reveal their vision for the future of electric supercars. This momentous occasion not only marks Lamborghini’s evolution but also signals a broader shift in the automotive landscape toward sustainable, high-performance electric vehicles.