Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is taking stringent measures to combat leaks of its highly anticipated Cybertruck model, with potential consequences for employees caught leaking information. The move comes as the company ramps up efforts to protect its intellectual property and maintain the element of surprise ahead of the Cybertruck’s launch.

In a recent Twitter post, user @Teslaphx shared a screenshot of an internal email allegedly circulated within Tesla. The email reveals the company’s intention to crack down on leaks and unauthorized documentation of the Cybertruck’s production process at the Gigafactory Texas. According to the email, employees and contractors found filming inside the factory without proper authorization will face “site removal,” an indication of the company’s resolve to uphold confidentiality.

The email explicitly states that any content related to the Cybertruck, its components, or the production line should not be captured without prior approval for official purposes. Tesla plans to implement a system of “photo passes/stickers” for authorized personnel to facilitate interactions with security personnel for legitimate photography and videography needs.

It is important to note that the authenticity of the leaked email has not been officially confirmed by Tesla, but it aligns with the growing trend of companies tightening their security protocols to prevent leaks of proprietary information.

Confidentiality agreements between companies and their employees are commonplace, serving to protect valuable trade secrets from reaching the public domain. Many organizations also impose restrictions on the use of mobile devices in sensitive areas and the disclosure of confidential information. Legal precedents, such as a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board, have upheld companies’ rights to enforce such policies.

Leaks and unauthorized images of the Cybertruck have been circulating online, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the production process. However, with Tesla’s newfound commitment to safeguarding the model’s secrecy, these leaks are likely to become scarcer. A recent drone photograph captured a Model Y security vehicle stationed near two charging Cybertrucks, a potential measure to deter unauthorized photography of the vehicles. Nevertheless, curtailing drone surveillance remains a challenge.

The highly anticipated Cybertruck is expected to enter low-scale production later this year, with full-scale production scheduled for early 2024. CEO Elon Musk has hinted at a potential delivery and handover event toward the end of Q3 2023. With approximately 1.9 million reservations reported, analysts speculate that the Cybertruck could create a halo effect, bolstering Tesla’s brand presence in the market.

As Tesla intensifies its efforts to protect its proprietary information, the world waits in anticipation for the official unveiling of the Cybertruck, which promises to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle landscape.