Kia Corporation is gearing up to make a bold reentry into the electric vehicle (EV) market by relaunching battery-powered versions of its compact city car, the Ray. Reports from local sources suggest that the eagerly awaited comeback is set to take place next month in Kia’s domestic market.

The Ray mini electric vehicle had originally been exclusively available in South Korea but was discontinued in 2018 due to limited battery range and a lack of charging infrastructure in the country. However, with significant advancements in battery technology and substantial reductions in costs, the prospects for EVs have drastically changed since then, paving the way for Kia to reignite its Ray EV venture.

While the internal combustion engine-powered variants of the Ray have continued to thrive in the South Korean market, with sales surpassing 25,000 units in the first half of 2023, Kia has taken this opportunity to reinvigorate its electric lineup. The upcoming Ray EV is designed to cater to budget-conscious customers, combining an extended range with affordability.

The most significant upgrade in the new Ray EV is its enhanced battery capacity and range. Equipped with a robust 64 kilowatt (KW) motor and a substantially larger lithium-ion battery pack, the new model boasts an impressive range of 210 kilometers on a single charge. This range is twice that of its predecessor, addressing one of the major concerns that led to the discontinuation of the earlier version.

A spokesperson for Kia expressed their excitement about the reintroduction of the Ray EV, highlighting its appeal to a wide range of customers. “The new Ray EV is set to expand customers’ options with a mileage of more than 200 km, optimized driving performance for the metropolitan center, and a spacious interior,” the spokesperson stated. “It is the best choice for customers looking for an entry-level electric minicar.”

As the world transitions toward greener and more sustainable modes of transportation, the relaunch of the Ray EV aligns with Kia’s commitment to providing eco-friendly mobility solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers. Additionally, reports indicate that Kia has plans to further diversify the Ray lineup by introducing a small van variant in the future, catering to the demands of small businesses and self-employed individuals seeking a cost-effective transportation option.

The impending relaunch of the Kia Ray EV signifies a promising step forward for electric mobility and demonstrates Kia’s dedication to innovation and progress within the automotive industry. As the company prepares to reintroduce this revamped electric marvel, automotive enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike are undoubtedly eagerly awaiting the new chapter in Ray’s electrifying journey.