Images of the Tesla Model Y being tested at a facility in Mahindra, Pune, have made their way online. These images suggest that the Tesla Model Y is coming to India at last.

According to Carversal, the testing reveals that the Model Y could be available for purchase in India within a few months. The Mahindra testing facility offers a convenient way for automakers to assess how their vehicles perform under various driving conditions in India.

The photographed Model Y is painted in grey and features a black interior.

The vehicle comes with a 70 kWh battery pack that generates 384 hp and has a driving range of 510 km. It features a Dual Motor setup that powers all four wheels. This suggests that the photographed Model Y could be a capable off-road vehicle.

Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with Tesla’s Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS).

If the reports are accurate, the 5-seater Model Y will become Tesla’s first officially available car in India. The anticipated cost of the Tesla Model Y base variant in India is ₹55 lakhs, excluding showroom expenses.

Rumors have circulated about the establishment of a Giga Factory in India. Despite this, authorities have stated that Tesla will not receive any special privileges. This is significant considering the company’s track record of seeking investment incentives for its factories.

Nevertheless, CEO Elon Musk remains undeterred and has pledged substantial investment in India. Indian Teslas will be manufactured domestically, as requested by the Indian government.

Recently, Tesla leased office space in Panchshil Business Park, Pune.

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