Tesla recently announced in their quarterly results that the first customer deliveries of the Cybertruck will begin on November 30th. This has left many wondering if the electric truck will live up to Tesla’s promises when it comes to off-road capability.

Thankfully, we now have an apples-to-apples comparison between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Ford F-150 Lightning.

A driver recently tested the Ford F-150 Lightning at the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area in central California. The F-150 Lightning is an electric version of the popular F-150.

Interestingly, Hollister Hills is the same location where the Cybertruck was seen struggling to climb a steep hill known as “the stairs”.

Ford CEO Jim Farley shared a video of the Lightning conquering the same off-road section, adding a convenient comparison between the two vehicles.

In the video, the F-150 Lightning climbs the hill steadily, with some minor wheel spin at the start. It proves to be a challenging climb, but the truck handles it well and reaches the top without any issues.

This is in contrast with the Cybertruck, which encountered difficulties despite its rear steering.

We have witnessed the capabilities of Ford’s electric truck in off-road scenarios before. An F-150 Lightning easily scaled the steps at an off-road truck park just outside of Detroit earlier this fall.

The F-150’s off-road capabilities are even more impressive in light of the fact that Ford didn’t design the car for off-roading.

However, some commentators feel that the Cybertruck and F-150 Lightning could be much more similar off-road than the videos portray.

Autoevolution notes that the powertrain of the Cybertruck that tested at Hollister Hills is unknown. If it was a single-motor Cybertruck, it would be much worse equipped to handle off-road terrain than a three- or quad-motor Cybertruck.