Pebble, a California-based electric vehicle (EV) start-up, recently showcased a prototype of its flagship product: an electric travel trailer designed for adventurous digital nomads seeking off-grid experiences.

Known as the Pebble Flow, this innovative travel trailer aims to bring the convenience of smartphone usability, along with electrification and automation, to the world of recreational vehicles (RVs).

The Pebble Flow features a 25-foot length, accommodating up to four individuals. It comes equipped with a 45 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery, 1 kW of rooftop solar power, Starlink compatibility, and both AC and DC charging capabilities.

The most impressive feature of the Pebble electric RV is undoubtedly its rooftop solar panels. The rooftop solar panels allow the RV to self-charge while on the move or parked. This minimizes range loss.

When camping, Pebble Flow owners can receive up to 7 days of off-grid power on a full charge. And at home, the RV can serve as a valuable backup power source for emergencies due to its bidirectional charging capability.

The trailer’s exterior boasts convenient wraparound windows, which can be made opaque to ensure privacy. The trailer only weighs 6,200 pounds due to its lightweight aluminum frame.

Inside, the office area can be transformed into a comfortable queen-sized bed using a Murphy bed-like mechanism. The dining room area, with its table and wraparound seating, can also be converted into a bed. The fully-equipped kitchen features a 4-in-1 convection microwave, a full-size fridge, and a removable induction cooktop for outdoor cooking.

To enhance user experience and convenience, Pebble offers a mobile app that allows customers to control lights, lock and unlock the door, and set preferred temperature settings. The app can also deploy the awning, stairs, and auto-leveling stabilizers, simplifying the setup of a campsite.

According to TechCrunch, customers have the opportunity to pre-order the Pebble Flow for a refundable $500. The starting price for the vehicle is $109,000. The first Pebble Flows should be available for pickup by the end of 2024.

The Pebble Flow will be one of the first commercial electric RVs in the United States. Since carrying heavy loads reduces an EV’s range by up to 31%, electric RVs have been slower to take off than electric cars.

In addition to the Pebble Flow, other electric RV prototypes include the Winnebago eRV2 and the Thor Vision Vehicle.

Image Source: BoomersDaily