This past weekend, the first-ever Tesla Cybertruck in Canada made its debut in British Columbia. At the Tesla store in Langley, British Columbia, hundreds gathered to witness the futuristic electric truck.

The Cybertruck arrived at the suburban Vancouver showroom on Friday. Word spread rapidly, and by Saturday morning’s opening, a lengthy line of eager fans awaited a close-up glimpse of the Cybertruck. The scene reminded many of the anticipation that surrounded Model 3 reservations.

The influx of visitors to the Tesla showroom remained steady throughout the day, with fans still present when closing time arrived. Those fortunate enough to enter were treated to a flawless Cybertruck, boasting an unusually high build quality for an early production vehicle, an area where Tesla historically faced challenges.

While west coast Canadians relished the sight of the Cybertruck, fans in Eastern Canada eagerly await their turn. According to Real Tesla Canada, a second Tesla Cybertruck will arrive at an Ontario showroom by the first week of December.

The Tesla Cybertruck could play an important role in accelerating Canada’s transition to EVs. Trucks have been growing as a segment of the Canadian automotive market, while passenger cars have been declining.

Between 2007 and 2022, passenger cars declined from 52 percent of Canadian vehicle sales to just 17 percent. In addition, Canadians bought nearly 2.5 trucks for every passenger car in 2018. Just nine years earlier, truck and passenger car sales had been the same.

In spite of this trend towards trucks, passenger cars have dominated Canadian EV sales. Electric pickup trucks only accounted for 3 percent of Canadian EV sales in the second quarter of 2023.

Therefore, the Tesla Cybertruck could satisfy both the government’s desire for more EV sales and consumers’ desire for more trucks.

As of September 2023, over 2 million customers had pre-ordered the Tesla Cybertruck. This makes the Tesla Cybertruck the most anticipated vehicle in history.

Image Source: Tesla Girl