Tesla’s Cybertruck landing page is no longer accepting orders. Instead, it only features a countdown clock for the truck’s upcoming launch event on November 30.

The Cybertruck launch has been highly anticipated, as it has been four years since the vehicle was initially introduced. Although production has started, Tesla has yet to reveal the official specifications or pricing for the truck. The over 2 million customers who placed preorders still don’t know what they’re getting.

Tesla temporarily adjusted the Cybertruck reservation page by increasing the reservation fee from $100 to $250, but this modification was short-lived. Shortly after, Tesla returned the reservation fee back to its original $100 amount, before ultimately removing the option to reserve a Cybertruck altogether.

The decision to halt orders is another indication that the Cybertruck may not be readily available in large quantities for the time being. Furthermore, the removal of a $50,000 resale fee earlier this month raised eyebrows. According to Business Insider, such fees are typically associated with limited-run models.

For months, industry watchers have been skeptical that the Cybertruck will ever enter mass production. Cybertruck prototypes have been plagued by misaligned doors and large gaps between panels. These issues have been caused by the panels not being able to retain their shape.

In addition, Elon Musk has developed a reputation for talking big and not delivering.

In 2017, Musk announced that Tesla would begin manufacturing the Roadster vehicle by 2020. Musk said that the vehicle would be the fastest mass-produced car in history.

Musk’s sales pitch was persuasive enough to generate over $250 million in preorders. However, the vehicle has never been produced.

To witness the Tesla Cybertruck launch, you can watch the livestream on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter) at 3 p.m. ET.

Image Source: Moe