Lamborghini, the renowned Italian automaker famous for its high-performance, exotic supercars, has officially announced its plans to release its first fully electric vehicle in 2028. In a bold move, the company is stepping into the world of electric mobility, breaking away from its traditional mid-engine, wedge-shaped supercars to introduce a four-seater 2+2 grand tourer.

The decision to embrace electrification comes as no surprise to industry insiders, as Lamborghini’s CEO hinted at the possibility of an electric grand tourer back in January 2022. The move marks a significant shift for Lamborghini, as it will be the first time in decades that the brand ventures into the grand tourer segment.

Historically, Lamborghini has a rich heritage of producing front-engine 2+2 grand tourers, including iconic models like the 400 GT, Urraco, Espada, and Islero. While the brand has gained worldwide fame for its supercars, they believe that an electric grand tourer will be a more suitable step toward sustainable mobility.

However, the upcoming 2+2 grand tourer is expected to offer impressive performance while focusing on the practicality of daily driving needs. Similar to the success of the Lamborghini Urus, their best-selling SUV, the electric grand tourer will cater to customers seeking a more “user-oriented” vehicle, prioritizing comfort and usability over raw track performance.

Lamborghini’s commitment to electric mobility reflects the broader shift in the automotive industry toward sustainable practices and reduced carbon emissions. While supercars will remain an integral part of the Lamborghini identity, the foray into electric vehicles represents the company’s determination to adapt to changing consumer demands and stricter environmental regulations.

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, Lamborghini’s entry into this space is a pivotal moment for the brand and the industry as a whole. The upcoming electric grand tourer is sure to captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the fusion of cutting-edge EV technology with Lamborghini’s iconic design language and performance heritage.


With five to six years remaining until the anticipated launch, Lamborghini will undoubtedly take this time to fine-tune its EV technology and ensure that its first fully electric model lives up to the brand’s legendary reputation for excellence and innovation. Car enthusiasts and eco-conscious drivers alike eagerly await the arrival of the electrifying addition to the Lamborghini lineup in 2028.