Tesla will prioritize the optimization of new Full Self-Driving (FSD) updates for their Hardware 3 kit, as well as international releases. This emphasis on Hardware 3 is due to the limited availability of Hardware 4 cars.

According to Elon Musk, the development of HW4 software will be delayed by at least another six months. Tesla’s primary focus is on ensuring that FSD works exceptionally well on Hardware 3 and is accessible globally. 

Currently, Tesla has equipped new batches of Model S and Model X with HW4 computers, new vision cameras, and radar. They have also started installing Hardware 4.0 motherboards on select Model Y units. However, these motherboards come with scaled-down processing power and connectivity, and they do not include radars. 

It appears that the first Tesla vehicles to feature the complete HW4 camera set with advanced sensors and higher resolution will likely be the Cybertruck and the Model 3 Highland facelift. Spy shots of these vehicles show a new camera on the front bumper and additional side cameras.

According to NotebookCheck, Tesla may make the HW4 computer in the Model 3 Highland similar to the one in the Model Y. This would be done in order to reduce production costs.

This means that the Cybertruck might be the only Tesla vehicle equipped with both the powerful HW4 computer, the full set of high-resolution Samsung cameras for Tesla Vision, and a radar. However, if this proves true, FSD software development for the Cybertruck will be delayed until next spring, as per Musk’s tweet.

Moreover, Musk has clarified that having these features does not necessarily guarantee better performance with FSD, even in the unlikely event that FSD is available for Cybertruck owners upon launch.

The news that Cybertruck FSD is likely to be delayed will disappoint Cybertruck enthusiasts. On a positive note, Tesla is actively working towards launching FSD in markets outside of the US, including China.

Elon Musk has mentioned that FSD Beta V12 is already being tested in various countries like New Zealand, Japan, Norway, and Thailand.